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Top 10 reasons to choose Switzerland for medical treatment

(Original from Dr. Kathrin Zimmermann;

Switzerland is the ideal destination for patients from all over the world, with renowned specialists and state-of-the-art medical facilities offering innovative treatment methods. The country’s safety and security record, wonderful scenery and outstanding service attract visitors from all corners of the globe.

1. The best healthcare system in Europe

- Switzerland tops the 2018 EHCI ranking

The Swiss healthcare system won the gold medal in the comparison of 35 European countries and has long enjoyed an excellent reputation. Switzerland is rated the best by some distance in terms of access to medical services in particular.

2. Top specialists in all areas of medicine

- Whatever the clinical picture, there will be excellent doctors on hand in one of Switzerland’s well-known hospitals.

Switzerland possesses medical know-how of the highest quality. Doctors work closely with universities, research institutes and renowned pharmaceutical companies, giving rise to the perfect combination of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise.

3. Short waiting times

- Guaranteed optimal access to medical services

Switzerland has an excellent nationwide network of high-quality hospitals, enabling it to provide prompt medical care both in an emergency and for elective procedures.

4. Innovative medical technology

- High availability of state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment

The technical infrastructure in Swiss hospitals is based on sophisticated cutting-edge systems: medical staff use top-class hardware and software to devise individual treatment plans for each patient.

5. A long tradition of welcoming international patients

- Medical treatment in Switzerland: popular since the 19th century

The main reasons for the growing number of international visitors are the fresh mountain air, healing thermal springs and the high standard of medicine in Swiss hospitals.

6. Quality, security and discretion

- Maximum respect for privacy in a secure environment

Thanks to the country’s stable political situation and the natural reserve of its inhabitants, visitors feel they are in safe hands during their stay in Switzerland.

7. Cultural tolerance

- Four national languages united in one country

Sensitivity when dealing with other cultures and religions is part and parcel of everyday life in Switzerland. Swiss hospitals take great care to respect the diverse requirements of patients from other countries.

8. Relaxation for travelling companions too

- Spectacular highlights for patients and those accompanying them

Recovery is not just about optimal medical treatment – you also need your loved ones beside you. Switzerland offers excellent establishments and a relaxing programme of holiday activities for travelling companions.

9. Medical expertise and maximum comfort

- Five-star comfort combined with excellent medical care

In addition to highly qualified specialists, Swiss hospitals also offer a comprehensive all-round service to satisfy the most discerning requirements.

10. Short distances

- Good accessibility thanks to an attractive and dense transport network

Switzerland’s compact size means that journeys not only to hospitals but also to tourist attractions are short and uncomplicated.

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